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Thank you for your interest in the Meth-OD study, a clinical study designed to help researchers answer important questions about patients who are experiencing methamphetamine overdose.

This resource was created to provide Legally Authorized Representatives (or LARs) and patients with basic information about clinical trials, about the Meth-OD clinical study, and about the investigational drug researchers are evaluating in this study.

As an LAR, and because of the current state of the patient, the decision of whether the patient participates in this research study is yours. This is an important decision that requires careful consideration. This resource is here to give you the information needed to help determine whether study participation may be right for the patient.

The study doctor and his/her research team will meet with you very soon to provide more detail on the study and next steps to take if you’re interested. In the meantime, please check out the resources available below to learn more.

Introduction to Clinical Trials & the Meth-OD Study



Introduction to the Investigational Study Medication



Thank you for taking time to learn more about Meth-OD.  A study team member will be reaching out to you shortly to answer questions you may have about the study.  You may also contact the study team directly. Please find the appropriate contact information below and reach out as soon as possible. 

Important reminder: To be considered for participation in Meth-OD, the patient must be evaluated by the study team before any treatment is administered in the emergency department.

For more information about Meth-OD, please contact the local study team.



      University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Michael Wilson, MD, (818) 322-6630



      University of New Mexico Hospital, Cameron Crandall, MD, (505) 272-6257



      PRMCE Clinical Research Department, Tom Robey, MD, (425) 261-4069

      Sacred Heart Medical Center, David McClellan, MD, (509) 474-4345 

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